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The SlashBunny's Lair of Literary Lunacy

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and see what you will find...

6 March 1987
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The SlashBunny's Lair of Literary Lunacy

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This journal features fanfic by theslashbunny. You can also find it listed here @ fanfiction.net. Or just browse my tags.

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First things first, I guess. This is a fanfiction journal. Most of what I write is slash. If you don't like it, don't bother with those stories. I make sure that I have warnings and whatnot so people can avoid them. Or maybe you want to give it a try! You might be surprised! (I know I was...)

One of the fandoms that defines me (as a writer and, oddly enough, as a person) is Star Trek. Especially TOS and TNG, but every incarnation really. I grew up as a Bones, Spock, and Picard fangirl. Now, I only just recently started writing ST fanfiction, focusing mostly on the newest movie (2009), probably because TOS is such a big part of my past that I don't feel comfortable writing anything for it myself, though I read it all the time. Most of my fiction, you'll find is in the Naruto universe, something that I got into while studying Japanese in college. There are some Harry Potter fics, but not many. And you'll probably be seeing more and more Criminal Minds fic, as I LOVE that show and I'm now a member of an AWESOME community on LJ and because I'm growing more comfortable with writing about characters that aren't animated.

Anyway, please comment on anything that you read! Good or bad, I love to get feedback!And you never know, you might make a friend!

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(In alphabetical order)
Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Death Note, Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, Hetalia (Webcomic), JDramas, Naruto, Sherlock (BBC), Star Trek, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: VOY, Star Trek: ENT, Supernatural, Torchwood... and so many others!

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